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Montessori toys 2 year old

Labyrinth and Maze Toys for Kids!

I've started looking around for Christmas gifts for my chlildren. I'm convinced these are ideal for building concentration, developing hand-eye coordination, and visual perception. They'd additionally be interesting to use with family or friends.
A number of these would be well suited to a Montessori environment, gross motor area or toddler area!

I really like this quote from MontessoriReStore. It combines the imagery of the circle along with the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It symbolizes a journey to our own centre and back out again into the planet . The simplicity engages the right side of the brain letting intuition, imagination and vision to form a meditative exercise to reconnect you with your facility. It's been found to enhance wellness, express emotions and produce a feeling of well being for centuries. Use a personal maze to center a child between jobs or just when the kid needs a moment of reflection."
Wooden Finger Labyrinth - MontessoriReStore on Etsy
Handheld Wooden Marble Labyrinths - FromJennier on Etsy
Wooden Turtle Labyrinth Maze - ShalinIndia
Magnetic Maze Racing Game - Lakeshore Learning

Junior Labyrinth - (Australia)

Maze - BRIO

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For Children 5 Years

Christmas Tree Triangle Puzzle.
Gingerbread Houses Family Puzzle. This puzzle was made to be utilized by a group of people with different ability levels as it has three different sized pieces. I love at Christmas to really have a puzzle going on the table for everybody to lead to and this puzzle would be ideal! It's 400 bits.
I have purchased Otis two Christmas puzzles by Ravensburger, which is one of my favourite puzzle brands, their age ideas are usually spot on!

Gift Ideas for the Montessori Child - Christmas

When trying to find Christmas gift ideas it's easy to believe all the nice toys come from abroad. These gift ideas do not contain Montessori substances but they're suitable for the Montessori child and they are all made by Australian businesses. I've really tried to contain as many small businesses and handcrafted goods as possible while also emphasizing some of our favourite Australian products! A number of these stores ship abroad too.
Little back packs perfect for independent Montessori kids by Bagbini (international transport available).
Playdough and accessories at Joyful Hands Joyful Heart (we adore this playdough, the texture and aromas are exceptional).
Mild skin care from Sukin.
Natural toothpaste (we have used this brand for years) and compostable toothbrushes from Jack N' Jill (also accessible the US here).
Reindeer Costume at StitchandWillow (Etsy) (my five year old would love this!!).
Healthful Flash Cards (good for all kinds of learning) at Teepee Learning (international transport accessible). In addition , I love these Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation Cards.
There are very few Montessori substance producers in Australia but Wood Puzzles has a great selection of language stuff and Australian made wooden trays. I suggest the Magnetic Movable Alphabet along with the pictured Alphabet Boards.
Kid size, real, Tool Set and Gardening Set with Gloves at Me2Me2.
The Joyful Architect and Alphabet Duplicate Pairs at The Freckled Frog.
Baby Morris board books at Small Children Things.
Wooden Crayon Holder at Folkwood (Etsy).
DIY Coloured Beeswax Kit by Luxmi (this is the tiny kit for making birthday candles, would be wonderful for a younger child, the larger coloured kit is listed here).
Star Garland at KirraKai (Etsy), perfect kid and environmentally friendly decorations.
I trust you enjoyed this small snippet of what Australian shops need to give!

For Children 2 to 3 Years

Wooden Christmas Tree Puzzle. The attractiveness of this puzzle is in it's simplicity.
Chunky Wooden Christmas Puzzle.
Christmas Blocks. A puzzle that doubles as decoration!
Ideal for the child's sense of order.
I adore these very simple two, three and four piece puzzles.

For Kids 3 to 4 Years

Magnetic Dress Up Santa.
Santa's Sleigh Wooden Chunky Puzzle (9 pieces).

Christmas Puzzles to Love - 2 to 5 Years

Here are some of the most stunning and Montessori family friendly Christmas puzzles! It's about stacking, sorting, sequencing, patterns, and discovering sequence!
All these puzzles would work wonderfully in a tray or on a kid 's work shelves. I actually adore the natural lumber puzzles. Don't forget about nesting dolls, they make fantastic decorations and children love to stack, sort and put them away.

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