Thursday, March 9, 2017

Montessori potty training method

When to start toileting

Between eighteen and twelve months is the sensitive period for beginning toilet consciousness. It may begin sooner or later, depending on the little one. Look for signs of readiness: An interest in cycles (bib now goes in the hamper, hamper would go to the cellar, into the machine, etc. Child watches with interest and also follows along).

Best Montessori home activities

Playdough - Four Ways

Otis is five and loves playdough now more than ever. I have written sometimes about how we use playdough, always with different items and in different colours, textures and aromas. Adding essential oils to playdough is vital. Here are four ways we are currently reveling playdough.
1. Alphabet Stamps. This is a wonderful early literacy activity, remembering it is best to begin with lower case letters.

Montessori craft ideas for toddlers

Paper Weaving

Montessori toys 2 year old

Labyrinth and Maze Toys for Kids!

I've started looking around for Christmas gifts for my chlildren. I'm convinced these are ideal for building concentration, developing hand-eye coordination, and visual perception. They'd additionally be interesting to use with family or friends.
A number of these would be well suited to a Montessori environment, gross motor area or toddler area!